Veggie burgers done right!

Apparently, spring is here although with the wind and snow today, I'd never know it! With spring comes barbecue time so while you've been prepping your grill for burger season, we've been busy over here testing recipes and trying to come up with the perfect homemade plant-based burger that doesn't fall to pieces during the flipping process. Brace yourself now because we've finally come up with the most delicious combo of ingredients for a delightful vegan burger! (Cue applause!)

We also understand that sometimes, you just need a quick meal in the form of store-bought burgers and we're thankful for our friends over at The Plant Life Canada who made an incredible vegan burger taste-testing video that you can watch by scrolling down this page. They have some other great videos posted about the vegan life featuring everything from gardening to plant-based nutrition and we recommend checking them out at your leisure. You can expect to see more from The Plant Life on our site in the future!

Without further ado, here's our burger recipe!

I started my burgers with a package of Beyond Beef ground which i found at Walmart for $4.99 (and forgot to photograph before I emptied the package). I love a good deal so finding this was amazing! This package contains same amount of veggie ground as is found in a box of 6 Beyond Beef burgers but for $14 less.

I added a cup of rolled oats to the veg ground, a tablespoon of Wholly Loaded Garlickin' Good seasoning, half a tsp of vegan Worcestershire sauce (I used Wizard's Organic) and a quarter cup of ketchup and mixed it all up nicely. You can add salt, pepper and hot sauce if desired.

Next, I got out my burger form! If you don't have one, you can form the burgers with your hands. I scored this handy contraption at the dollar store.

Pop your formed burgers onto the grill (the crummy weather kept me inside so I used a non-stick pan on the stove) and cook them for about 4 to 5 minutes a side. These stayed together really well! I tried using some other vegetable grounds and found they didn't hold together quite as well as the Beyond Beef.

Once your burgers are cooked, add your favourite toppings! I love adding Wholly Loaded's Ranchtastic Veggie Dip to my burger and for cheese, I love President's Choice Mozzarella-Style plant-based slices. They melt nicely and add some zest to your lunch. I served my burgers with salad topped with both The Seeds You Need and It's Everything You Need seasoning blends.

After all the taste tests, we've concluded that veg + burgers = the best combo. Please, pretty please, message us with your vegan burger pics so we can share the love on social media!

As promised, check out this vegan burger taste-testing video from our buds over at The Plant Life!



Instructions: Mix everything up until well combined. Form into burgers. I made 7 with the batch I made but of course you can make more or less depending on the size of your burgers. Grill 4-5 minutes per side on the grill or in a non-stick pan over medium heat. For best results, top with Ranchtastic Veggie Dip. Take pictures of your Garlickin' burgs and send them our way so we can share some love on social media!